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Belco Works was founded as Belco Crafts in 1966 by a group of parents who wanted their adult children with developmental disabilities to have a place to work. From its humble beginnings in a church basement almost 50 years ago to the modern, light industrial setting it is today, this non-profit organization’s mission has remained the same—providing employment opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. Today, Belco is a leading provider of packaging, assembly and document destruction services to business and industry.

At its inception and for years after, the manufacture and marketing of ceramic wind chimes were the jobs offered. As Belco began to grow and serve more people, so did its products and services. As interest in crafts waned and contract services grew, Belco ceased the manufacture of ceramic crafts in 2003. The following year, the Board of Directors realized that its name was no longer an accurate reflection of who the company was or what it did. In order to more effectively market its contract services and the supports provided to people with developmental disabilities, Belco Crafts became Belco Works in March of 2005.

Belco Works - It's not just a name...it's what we do!

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